Brand Naming

Your brand name conveys more than just the letters, it represents the dream. When it hits the billboards it should leave your audience in awe. And at Forads Solutions LLC, we help you do just that.

Brand Strategy

We develop brand strategies that give room for your brand to grow into the masses. Achieve your goals with tailormade brand strategies covering all spheres of the ever-evolving customer.

Brand Planning

Nothing gives us the adrenaline rush like executing a well-defined plan. Our Brand Planning addresses your specific business targets and is designed to deliver results that are measurable.

Brand Management

Tell us how you want the audience to perceive your brand, and we'll take care of the rest. Enhancing brand identity and establishing brand communique follows positioning your brand among your target customers.




There is no better way to connect with your customers emotionally. Media-rich advertising is still the best bet to visualize concepts or generate interest in a product or business. Our dedicated professionals see to it that your ads influence consumer decisions and add value to your marketing efforts.

Corporate video

Use video content for corporate operational purposes. Convey your business ideas and your core values to the general public through a corporate video to build a lasting and loyal relationship with your customers and partners.

Promotional and events video

Promotional and Event videos are a great way to raise awareness about a product or service you're pushing into the market. Promotional and event videos from Forads Media are designed to attract the customer's instant attention to an event or a product you are trying to promote.


Animation thrives on authenticity. If you've got an idea worth putting it to the screen, we got the tools to create an art of it. Bring your unique product or business ideas to life with animated videos that give an easy understanding of concepts.


With millions being spent on the visual effects industry each year, both the demand and quality of VFX are on an ever high. With VFX setting new standards each day, you need a well-trained VFX partner like Forads Media for those mindblowing frames you've got in mind.



Identity design/Logo design

Did you know that the human mind is highly perceptive to the primary colors - Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. Our designs are fresh, unique and a result of our design process that combines knowledge and creativity.

Graphic designing

Designs that vibe out ideas. Grab attention and make followers with out-of-the-box designs that convey your ideas to the audience. Whether it be for marketing or internal purposes, we got just the designs for you.


A picture's worth a thousand words. Illustrations are essential for conveying the information in a user-friendly manner. So, if you need to convey information, instructions or data in a pleasant way, remember Forads.


Digital Marketing


Where would you rather be, on top of the search results page, or among rest of the crowd? Search Engine Optimization is one of the hottest digital marketing tools, and our extensively experienced SEO wizards let you draw in new customers, each day!


Likes and shares are the new world equivalents of cheers and applause. Here at Forads Media, Social Media Marketing helps our clients to generate interest and public awareness on social media platforms using media-rich, shareable, and engaging content.


Don't you want meaningful conversions from all those social media campaigns you have run? We leave a trail of breadcrumbs all over those viral content so that the customer follows it to your business or product website to make a useful conversion.


Be visible to your customers, no matter what. Increase your brand awareness and sales conversions effectively with our Search Engine Marketing campaigns that reach the right customer, at the right time.


Software Solutions

We understand the importance of software solutions to the growing needs of an organization, We concentrate on its core business practices and build the most modern software that can be used to manage contentsthat easily automate organization works.Our software solutions are precise and fine integrated with both web applications and Mobile applications.We ensure that our services are flexible and provide the necessary technical know how to lower your cost and increase the ROI of your business.We cater needs in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Solutions), Supply Chain Management Applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions, E-Governance Solutions and E-Business Solutions with great integration of mobile, desktop and web applications.We support enterprises by enhancing the existing applications according to the requirements and latest technology compatibility.Along with that we ensure the delivery of highly robust and reliable client-server applications to enterprises.


Website Development

We deliver the needs of all industrial fields with well advanced and customized web solutions that include content management system (CMS), e-commerce, enterprise resource planning (ERP), e-learning, customer relationship management (CRM) and much more. We provide excellent web designs that are quick loading, responsive and attractive. Our designers handle multimedia contents with the essence of creativity to enrich every website with best visibility.We developed a team of skilled professionals who are tech savvy and not lose track of latest technologies to provide you the best results in all the outputs. We influence technology in all our solutions to help our clients business grow successfully and ensuring that our clients client always reached the right place at appropriate time, reaching the right peoples.We Provides Ecommerce Web Development, Content management systems, Database design and programming, Database integration and Automation Development.


Mobile App Development

We have great experience of creating mobile applications suiting the unique client business requirements and providing quick and fine results in real world use.We give maximum support for corporations to generate maximum output through mobile applications developed for corporate software systems. In sales field operations of employees are becoming more and more crucial by the competition of organizations hence we develop finely tuned mobile applications which integrate with clients corporate software systems which allow as much information flow as our clients want.Our developers are capabile in both Android development and iOS / iPhone / iPad development.